American Integrity Electric Supply

Mission Statement:  What is our mission?

As the three owners of American Integrity Electric Supply, we each have great trust in each other and have our own strengths to bring to the success of our business.  We are a partnership and our futures rely on each other.  Our personalities and values set us apart from our competitors and give us confidence in providing you with quality products at fair prices to offer you the best service possible.  It all comes down to our name and its message.  We offer you something simple but true - integrity.  We treat others how we'd like to be treated.  Therefore our mission is this -  to make American Integrity Electric Supply the preferred electrical wholesale supply house in Licking County for our customers, vendors, and partners.

P.S. If you insult our integrity, we reserve the right to kick your butt!

Brien Moore, Dennis Hout, and Jeremy Brehm


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