American Integrity Electric Supply

About Us:  Who are we?

Like many people in today's workforce, Brien Moore, Dennis Hout, and Jeremy Brehm (listed as pictured below left to right) found themselves laid off by their previous employer because of inevitable economical difficulties.  Despite hard times, the three decided in April 2009 to start their own electrical wholesale business in the middle of a recession.  Soon after, American Integrity Electrical Supply opened in July 2009.

(Photo by Claude Barclay)


Brien Moore originated as an inside sales engineer for Westinghouse in 1978.  Soon after, he was promoted to outside sales engineer, and by 1989, he was the branch manager in Huntington, West Virginia.  He moved back to his hometown of Newark, Ohio in 1998 to become branch manager of another electrical distributor in Columbus, Ohio.  Once the company was bought out, he became branch manager of the Newark location.

Dennis Hout started working in the electrical business in 1971 in Mansfield, Ohio.  He started out employed by a independent distributor as a truck driver.  In 1985, he decided to try out the contracting side of the electrical construction industry, making bids for commercial projects.  Between then and his truck driving days, he also worked counter sales, inside sales, and even ran outside sales.  Dennis eventually returned to distribution as a contractor salesperson, where he met his soon-to-be partners, Brien and Jeremy, in Newark, Ohio. Unfortunately, Dennis recently passed away due to liver cancer on September 14, 2010 at the age of 59.  He is missed dearly, yet continues to partner the business from a better place.

Jeremy began in the electrical distribution industry in 2005 as a warehouse employee and delivery driver.  He soon became familiar enough with products that his duties grew to include outside sales.  Not even five years later, here he is as the youngest of the three owners of AIES.

In Memorial

American Integrity Electric Supply regrets to inform our family, friends, and business affiliates that our beloved partner, Dennis Hout, passed on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at just the age of 59. We appreciate your support in this difficult time and would like to take a moment to honor a truly amazing man.